How You Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved as a volunteer!

If you sign up to volunteer, we'll send you 100 business cards to start helping spread the word immediately.

We encourage you to:


  • Everyone is getting out with Pokemon Go, so why not go out with a better purpose and tell your neighbors why you are working to clean up our democracy!
  • First read our FAQ sheets on Prop 59 and a Constitutional Amendment to get up to speed about Prop 59 and then go door to door and speak to your neighbors about why you are volunteering.  
  • When you've finished your neighborhood, branch out and see new parts of the city and meet new people.
  • Get people to sign the petition to pledge YES ON PROP 59



  • Enter the info for all the petitions we gather
  • Help create phone bank lists


  • Get other organizations in the state to endorse our campaign
  • Get candidates or legislators to endorse YES ON 59


  • Host a fundraising party
  • Write fundraising emails/letters to people you think would donate to our cause
  • Get 5 friends to pledge to donate $28 towards a 28th Amendment


  • If you have time in the next 3 months, we'd love your dedicated support


  • Call other Yes On CA 59 supporters and get them more engaged
  • Reach out to new people and getting them on board


  • Join our social media messaging team
  • We need you to spread the word to your connections and groups
  • We need people who are super volunteers who can help post each week
  • We're going to have special campaign days where we get people to share images or videos of why they support our campaign


  • Join our video team to create some fun videos


  • We need great writers to write for our blog
  • We need people write letters to the editor of their local papers
  • We need people to help write compelling reasons why different people should care about this issue.




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